Front Street Customizable Front-End Web Framework


Front Street's core styling includes basic normalization, reset, and scaffolding along with the elements you see below. Core styling requires no JavaScript. If you'd like to use Front Street's core by itself, we've compiled a frontstreet-core.css file for you. — This is a great starting point for more heavily styled projects.

Block Types

Below are all the block types included with Front Street, which extend the core elements above. If you're looking to implement Front Street in its entirety, you'll simply include the frontstreet.css and frontstreet.js files in your website.


This section includes a few extra features for you. — The color library is compiled as a separate frontstreet-colors.css file, you'd include separately (this probably isn't something most projects would be using). And the helpers come with the default implementation of frontstreet.css, but will not be included if you use frontstreet-core.css.